The Superstars Concert 2017

Term 4 has zipped around and we’re now counting down to the 2017 Superstars Concert on 19th November. This will be our 15th Superstars concert (can you believe it?) and it’s going to be a great one.  Please read the information below for all the details of the concert.

For students of Star Classes (5 and under), Drama and Musical Theatre, your specific information can be found by clicking the buttons below.

Stage Rehearsal

The ‘Stage Rehearsal’ on Saturday 18th November (approx 1 hour in the day to be advised at a later date).

The Stage Rehearsal is held in The Chandler Theatre at the Sleeman Sports Complex.

For the Stage Rehearsal all students come to Chandler Theatre to have a STAGE REHEARSAL (no costumes required) in preparation for the Concert on Sunday.  All students are to be in their full SUPERSTARS uniform please. (No make up or costumes).

For this rehearsal, you drop off your child to the stage door of the theatre, and leave immediately. We have NO parents backstage for the concert itself, so we do the same at the rehearsal to prepare the children for the following day.

The Stage Rehearsal goes for one hour.

The Concert

The ‘Concert’ is at 2pm on Sunday 19th November (children are asked to arrive at 1.15pm).

The running time is approx. 2.5 hours.

Concert Fees:

Your investment in the concert is $30/child.  And for children that attend afternoon classes, a Costume hire fee of $25 is charged PER DANCE (1 dance per class your child attends, Musical Theatre is an exception with two outfits as there are 2 concerts).

They also need a full SUPERSTARS uniform to wear to and from the concert and also to perform a song on the stage.

All STAR class students (all MORNING classes) wear the SUPERSTARS UNIFORM, black ankle socks and black jazz shoes. (You can buy all of this at SUPERSTARS for your convenience).


SUPERSTARS UNIFORMS are available every day at either hall.

The girls’ uniform is $25 SUPERSTARS shirt with either $40 SUPERSTARS Sequin Skirt or $45 Black SUPERSTARS long pants (this is 100% compulsory).

$3 Black ankle socks (purchased at SUPERSTARS or elsewhere).  Irish dancing need White Irish Socks $15.

The boys’ uniform is $25 SUPERSTARS shirt with black shorts.


  • Black Jazz Shoes for Jazz – available at SUPERSTARS
  • Black Tap Shoes for Tap – available at SUPERSTARS
  • PINK BALLET SHOES & Pink Tights for Ballet – available at SUPERSTARS
  • Black Jazz Shoes for Cheerleading – available at SUPERSTARS
  • Own cool shoes for Hip Hop
  • BLACK JAZZ SHOES for Musical Theatre – available at SUPERSTARS

Information about Concert Tickets

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT buy a ticket for the performer.

Please know the seats ARE allocated.



$18/child* (old enough to need a SEAT) so if you have a child that will sit on your lap – DON’T BUY THEM A TICKET….Remember it is ALLOCATED SEATING!

Location and Parking

Not sure where to go? The map below shows the venue precinct, and the Concert is being held at the Chandler Theatre. Click here to download a copy of the map.

Concert Location Map


A few things about the previous information:

  1. The concert is OPTIONAL – there is absolutely NOT PRESSURE from anyone for your child to be in the concert. There is no discrimination for this choice – everyone is included in every class regardless.
  2. We sell a professional DVD of the concert – pre-order with your ticket sales, or buy at the concert. Prices to be confirmed.


We suggest (and prefer) you CALL Rach 0409 060 001 or email