Star Classes (Morning Classes) Concert Information

This is the very important information about the concert, the cost and when they are due.

Concert Dates:

Stage Rehearsal” on Saturday, 18th November (8am – 9am).

Concert” at 2pm on Sunday 19th November (Children are dropped at 1.15pm).

The above days are always held in The Chandler Theatre at The Sleeman Sports Complex.

Concert Fees

Payments for commitment to the concert are due by Monday 9th October.

Concert Fee is: $30 / child.


Every performer needs their OWN SUPERSTARS uniform. This is not negotiable.

The SUPERSTARS uniform is available every day at the hall.

$25 Superstars Shirt and $35 Superstars Sequin Skirt for Girls, $13 Black Cargo Shorts for Boys.

Additional to above, “Baby Stars”, “Tiny Stars” and “Pre-Prep Stars” need black jazz shoes. (available at SUPERSTARS) and Black Socks ($3).

Please DO NOT put your child in Jiffies – trust us on this!

Everything can be purchased at SUPERSTARS.

Concert Tickets

Tickets are $28/adult and $18/child (old enough to need a SEAT).

Please note: the performer does not pay for a ticket – but can still go and watch the audience once they are finished performing in the FIRST HALF for free.

Please know the seats are allocated.

A Few Things on the Above

The concert is OPTIONAL – there is absolutely no pressure from anyone at SUPERSTARS for your child to be in the concert.

There is no discrimination for this choice – everyone is included in every class regardless of their concert choice.

If you would love to be in the concert, the CONCERT FEES are due ASAP. Deadline is 9th October. Payment options are Cash, EFTPOS or Internet Transfer via Invoice.

Please do not transfer/pay any money towards audience tickets. Concert tickets are being sold online from Saturday 14th October.


We suggest (and prefer) you CALL Rach 0409 060 001 (between 12 noon and 2.30pm). Rach is good on text messages if you miss her on the phone or email