Terms and Conditions

Pick Up Service (Mount Carmel)

SUPERSTARS take no responsibility for feeding children after school.

SUPERSTARS is a PERFORMING STUDIO and is not classified as an after school care facility.

  • If your child is in PREP there is a maximum enrolment limit of 2 DAYS at SUPERSTARS
  • If your child is in GRADE 1 there is a maximum enrolment limit of 3 DAYS, so long as your child is enrolled in multiple dance styles.

SUPERSTARS Pick Up Service is for students enrolled in a 3.30pm class ONLY.  This will cost an additional $3 per day.

SUPERSTARS takes no responsibility for students enrolled in classes after this time, as well as their siblings or students not enrolled at SUPERSTARS.

SUPERSTARS has a NO NUT policy, as well as no food sharing policy.

SUPERSTARS families are not permitted to drive on Mount Carmel property. When you arrive to drop off/pick up your child, please park on Norfolk street and walk in to the hall.

Term and Important Dates 2020


TERM 1 – 3 February – 3 April
TERM 2 – 24 April – 26 June
TERM 3 – 13 July – 18 September
TERM 4 – 6 October – 27 November



Payment of Fees

SUPERSTARS accepts Cash, Credit, Debit or Bank Transfers as methods of payment.

All invoices are due within 14 days of receipt.
Failure to pay fees within this time will incur a $15 late fee.

SUPERSTARS is unable to offer a student enrolment in a following term if the family have an outstanding debt. Students will lose their class place for the following term until the debt is settled.

Term 3 2020 fees will include a concert and costume fee. A due date to advise of your child’s non-participation in the concert will be advised in Term 2.

Make Up Classes

When a student is unable to attend their class, a make up lesson is available for them to attend within 6 months. This make up lesson must be discussed with the teacher. Classes will not be reimbursed or credited towards another term.

Prohibition of Videography or Photography

Due to privacy laws, students may not be photographed or videoed whilst participating in their class unless permission is specifically given from the class teacher.

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