SUPERSTARS Hip Hop Classes

Does your child love to DANCE? Come and try SUPERSTARS Hip-Hop, where everyone gets to shine.

Hip-Hop is a great choice! Your kids will learn energetic moves and safe techniques for jumps and floor-work.

If you have attended any of the SUPERSTARS concerts or school fete performances in our community, you will know that our Hip-Hop classes are fun, high energy and a fantastic opportunity to let your kids perform!


The class covers a huge variety of moves and then the kids are encouraged to co-ordinate their own dance routines, building their rhythm, coordination and skills. They dance as a group in coordinated routines and then break into solo opportunities – allowing every little Hip-Hopper to showcase their talents!


2022 Timetable for HIP HOP 

5-8 Years Hip Hop: Monday 3.30pm&4.15pm, Wednesday 3.30pm & Thursday 3.30pm 

8-13 Years Hip Hop:  Thursday at 4.15pm


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What Mums in Brisbane are saying…

After over 5 years with SUPERSTARS I can honestly say my girls love it more every year. Not only have they had the chance to do Jazz, Tap and Irish, they are encouraged to simply have fun and be the best they can be. No pressure, just real people and an amazing SUPERSTARS family.

Mother of Brooke & Emma

Thank you for a wonderful Musical Theatre Showcase Tuesday night. Chloe is very happy and settled with her group. We are loving the SUPERSTARS family and how it has helped our daughters self-esteem.

Mother of Chloe

I love SUPERSTARS because my daughter can’t wait to go each week. It’s the first of 5 after school activities that we have tried that she has stuck to and not once grumbled. I also love SUPERSTARS because it’s genuine. No fakeness or pressure to conform, it’s just about fun.

Mother of Emilee, Jaime & Aria