The Superstars Story

SUPERSTARS was founded in 2003 by Rach Tiernan (Rach O’Dwyer) and from humble beginnings quickly grew to become one of the largest dance and performance schools in Brisbane. The SUPERSTARS community proudly teaches the performing arts to more than 600 families/year at our studios and over 1000 more students in schools around Brisbane.

Good news travels fast and the word got out quickly that SUPERSTARS was profoundly different. A place where kids could learn dance, singing and drama without the pressure of intense competition or overly complex techniques. Rach recognised from the very start that kids just wanted to have fun with dance. Classes should be structured, but very relaxed and friendly with dedicated teachers who can bring out the best in each individual child.

SUPERSTARS was never going to be a dance school that focused on make-up, expensive costumes or strict performance mandates. SUPERSTARS has always been about celebrating personal potential. A place to experience the joy of dance and learn in a class setting that is paced to individual skill levels that encourages enthusiasm, participation and belief in self. Kids need to know that trying your best will always be favoured over the pressure of perfection.

Rach graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Drama & Dance) and has been a professional performer for 29 years in many stage productions, advertisements, films, modelling and live events. Her leadership and hands-on involvement in all SUPERSTARS recruitment, curriculum, performance development and events ensures that her original ethos continues to be reflected in all SUPERSTARS experiences.



The Superstars Mission

Change the lives of young people.

Our Superstars Values:


Build self-confidence and self-esteem by:

  • Interacting with all students in a positive and encouraging way
  • Making every child feel special
  • Valuing effort over perfection.

Spread kindness by:

  • Always acting with respect for others
  • Being inclusive of everyone, regardless of ability
  • Creating an environment where everyone can be their true self.

Be memorable by:

  • Providing outstanding student care every day
  • Providing extraordinary customer service every day
  • Always being engaged in the moment.

Create community by:

  • Providing an all inclusive experience for the whole extended family
  • Exceeding the expectation of our community
  • Striving to make a difference (in one way or another) every day

…and we always MAKE IT FUN!