Superstars Enrolment

This year you can enrol in our SUPERSTARS Dance Classes online.

If you are already a SUPERSTARS customer:

Please confirm your family profile on our new Customer Portal.  Click here, enter your email address and click Forgot Your Password to set your password. You’ll now have access to your own Customer Portal where you can see your enrolments, add new enrolments, check invoices, update your details and get messages.

If you are new to SUPERSTARS:

Click the View Timetable button above. This will open in a new window. Then, choose the venue you wish (from the dropdown beside Venue), and select your class. Follow the steps and you will be taken to a registration section where you’ll be asked to fill in your details and your child/children’s details. This will then register your interest in the class.

For all enrolments:

We’ll review all registrations and will confirm once we’re sure it’s the right class for your child. When we’ve confirmed your enrolment, you will receive a final enrolment confirmation email.  Classes will be invoiced in January – so you don’t have to worry about the financials until then. (Click here for fee information).

If you need help, please contact us.



TERM 1 – 3 February – 3 April

TERM 2 – 20 April – 26 June

TERM 3 – 13 July – 18 September

TERM 4 – 6 October – 27 November